Bullying Activity

The Toaddie and the Bully

Introduction to Bullying Activity

Review A Christmas Story movie clips about  Ralphie and bully Scut Farcus.

Prewriting questions to consider:

1.     What is your definition of bullying?  Can you provide two examples from the movie/book that backs up your definition?

2.     Have you ever been bullied?  Reflect on  the situation and how you reacted.

 If not, then consider a friend whom you have seen being bullied.

(Note to Instructor: Consider allowing students to role-play what they think are the differences between teasing and bullying.)

Interesting Fact: The official Anti-Bullying Week was first started in the United Kingdom.  It is observed during the third week in November. 

Writing Activity

          During Anti-Bullying Week what one thing might you do to make students more aware of bullying on your campus as well as through the use of social media?  Write a letter to the editor of your college newspaper explaining your idea.