Contrast Essay (Ralphie’s Era and Yours)

Ralphie grew up in a period of time - the 1940s - much different from ours.  After viewing some of the movie clips and researching the era, list some of these differences below.  (Consider what was going on nationally as well as socially)


1940s                                                                                           2013

Television was very rare-radio, newspapers were                               Tech Age: Information  information lifelines                                                                            obtained from Iphones,

Internet, etc.


End of Depression Era                                                                                    The Space Age


Pair/Share your list with classmates.


Now using your list, write an essay contrasting life in the 1940s with life today                                                      

(Another contrast activity)  Considering  the movie  scene of Ralphie and Randy admiring the Christmas window display at Goldblatts, contrast the popular toys of today with the toys that were popular with Ralphie and his friends.  Below is a still image of the window display for your examination.  Try to identify each toy of the era.