Lesson Four Introduction:

Suggested lesson Plans:

1. Review A Christmas Story’s movie clips about Ralphie and the bully Scut Farcus.

2. Consider allowing students to role-play what they think are the differences between teasing and bullying.

3.  As a class, create a definition for bullying after seeing the movie clips.  Have students reference the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “Stop Bullying Now!” article located on their website (http://www.stopbullying.gov/ ).

4.  Writing Prompts

Ø  Do you think your state should have legislation about bullying?  Why or why not?

Ø  How should schools address bullying?

Ø  Scenario: The chancellor of your college has designated the first week after Thanksgiving to be devoted to the issues surrounding bullying.  The student body has been asked to submit to the college newspaper suggested activities for this “Anti-Bullying/ Cyberbullying “week.  What tips or suggestions might you submit for consideration?  Create an editorial cartoon to go along with your letter. (Instructor: Bring in copies of the Editorial section of your local newspaper, so students can view cartoons.) 

5.   Other ideas: Create a hall display about this topic, a bulletin board, or even posters prominently displayed on campus.

6.  Excellent resource for ideas/ articles on bullying: The Learning Network, Teaching with The New York Times. (http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com)


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