Introduction to Lesson One:

Suggested Lesson Plans:

1.  Stimulate interest in book by showing clips of the movie.

2.  KWL activity.   Ask students what they already know about the 1940s.  Follow with W= What would you like to know…  (This might be an excellent opportunity to assign the interview prompt in Lesson Seven.)

Come back to this page when you complete the project and let the students discuss what they have learned after reading the book and seeing the movie.  Consider these questions to encourage discussion: What is Jean Shepherd saying that affects me in this stage of my life? How does this relate to me?  What questions do I still have?

3. “Meet Jean Shepherd “activity.  A good follow- up activity might be to pretend Jean Shepherd has been invited to speak at your college.  You have been selected to write his introduction to be read before the student body.  (Before writing, you might ask students to use Internet sources to review how to properly introduce a quest speaker.)


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