Getting to know “Shep

Introduction to Lesson One

Interesting Facts about Jean Shepherd


Using Internet sites, see if you can answer these interesting facts about the author Jean Shepherd.

1.      What was Jean Shepherd’s profession from the 1950s through the 70s?


2.       What is the connection between Jean Shepherd and the movie, A Christmas Story?


3.      What do you think author Shepherd meant by the title of his book, In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash?


4.      In his short stories, Shepherd created a fictitious town called Holman, Indiana.  This was really a reference to his own hometown of _____________.


5.      Why did Jean Shepherd name Ralphie’s parents  The Parkers”?


6.      Jean Shepherd had one brother.  What was his name?


7.      What role did Jean Shepherd play in the movie, A Christmas Story?


8.      What was the address of Shep’s boyhood home?


9.      Jean Shepherd died in _______.  How was he honored after his death?


10.  Watch a video created by Shepherd’s home town by clicking here.  You may find some answers in it.


       For background information about the basis for the movie A CHRISTMAST STORY read Jean Shepherd's short story which was adapted as a script for the 1983 movie by clicking here, or listen to Shepherd's audio narration of the story by clicking here.