Christmas Puppy

Every year when Christmas rolled around my parents would ask me what I wanted. So they could let Santa know. My answer was always a puppy. I wanted a puppy so bad that I couldn’t see straight. Hearing my parents always tell me why I didn’t need a puppy always made me so upset. I was just a little girl who wanted a puppy, and I would have done anything to get it. How did they not understand that? This was the fourth year I asked for a puppy, and, in the past, I never got it.

I remember begging and pleading every year and telling Mom and Dad that Santa did not have to get me anything else. Their answer was always, “Taylor, the puppy will get old to you, and we will have to take care of it, and that is something we don’t want to do.” Oh boy, I promised and promised that that wouldn’t happen. I even offered to keep the puppy in my room, and they would never have to see it.

Christmas Eve night, I sat at the end of my bed and prayed, asking God to please change my parent’s mind and let Santa put that puppy under my tree. Not wanting to go to sleep, I was so excited about the next morning. I just knew this was the year I would get my puppy. My parents had to be tired of hearing why I need one. I’m watching the clock, and time is moving so slowly. I tried to go to sleep, but it is not working out for me. So I watched Christmas movie after Christmas movie to make the time go faster. Finally, I saw the Sun come up in my window. I went and woke up my sister so we could wake up our parents. We woke them up each year at the crack of dawn.

At last, I was in front of my parents. I was looking around because I knew my puppy was surely around somewhere. My heart was starting to drop for the fourth year in a row. I didn’t see my puppy. How could this be? I didn’t even want to look at any of my other presents, but my parents made me. I sat there is disbelief that nothing else mattered. My sister was full of joy running around saying, “Taylor, look what I got!” I didn’t get my puppy so why did I care what she got? All of a sudden, my dad got up and went outside. Anxious to know what he was doing, I sat there patiently waiting on him to get back. After five minutes, my mom said, “Why don’t you go find your dad?” I jumped up, ran outside, and there was my dad with my puppy. I couldn’t believe it! They finally let Santa bring me a puppy, and not just any puppy. It was a Yorkshire Terrier, the breed I always wanted! After four years of begging and pleading, I finally got her. This was, by far, the best Christmas ever!

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