MasterKerner Von Buzzenship


If I ran NASA, it would beÖ

AASA, Animal Astronaut Space Agency

Only pets would command space ships.

Never would humansmake rocket trips.



A dog, monkey, and chimpanzee

Werefirst in space to be.

But nowonly women and men

To Earth orbit we send.




SoIíve decided who will go.

Iíll pick mydog named Mo!

Heíll need acaninesuit

With four, not two, space paw boots.



Next, Iíd build him a rocket-ship

With a padded cage and water to sip.

Heídeattasty astro-biscuits

Madefrom steak and candy tidbits.



Heílllet out a bark at lift-off.

My doggy-naut Mo isa-loft.

With the right kind ofanimal stuff

Moís,on board, thatís quite enough.



But what about my cat Minnie?

Would NASAfind her too skinny?

With her on board with my doggy Mo.

Into the heavens, their rocket will go.



Some think dogs and cats might fight

But not on this spaceship flight.

Astronauts and cosmonauts got along.

Canines and felines can do no wrong.



Minnie is alwaysgraceful.

I knowMo wonítact hateful.

Besides, a trip to Mars takes months.

Minnie will keep Mo out of the dumps.





What if they find a green alien

On a satellite named Tailien?

They will never mind

If he isnít their kind.



Red, White, Green or Blue.

Petsícolors are different too.

Why not make him a friend?

His greencolor will blend with them.


The three will become a team

Holding each in high esteem.

Whose to say which is best?

Getting there and back is their quest.


But on the planet Mars

No longer can Mochase cars.

A Marsí rover Iíll build him

Withseatsfor the three of them.


Theyíll be driving around

With Mo as their chauffeuringhound.

On Mars, there is no town

Anywhere to be found.



So Iíll have them build a house

Where Minnie can chase a mouse.

Now Mars Mice are a different sort

The result of a rocket abort.


Two eyes are in their head.

With skin that is bright red.

And weirdunearthly features

Make them very odd creatures.

With an ugly purplenose

As long as a garden hose.

They root around the floor

And slither out the door.



But theyíll be right at home

In a planetary dome

Built by Alien, Minnie, and Mo

For their former rodent foe.




So when itís time to go

Back to the Earth we know.

There will be four on board

Not one will be ignored.

Though itísmillions of miles

The four will all have smiles

No challenge will be too great

Or unknown scary fate.



The AASA now has two more

Making the animal astronauts four.

Mo, Minnie, Alien and Mouse.

Soon theyíll be home in my house.



But what about their room,

Iíll choose the closet for the broom.

The space will have tochange,

For four astronauts so strange.


Mo and Minnie by the door.

Mouse and Alien on the floor.

Till they sleep on the shelf

And Iíll join them by myself.


* * * * *


Weíll be a happy five

Just glad to be alive

Waiting in that place

For another trip to space.



Kernerís NASAhas wonderful things.

Pets ascelestial queens and kings.

Animal Astronauts launching for the stars

And Buzzenship began it all on Mars.