Space Educators' Handbook

Kids' Space Info

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Space Coloring Book
Space Stamps
What happened in space on your birthday?
Apollo 13 Comic
Compare moon ships with Columbus's ships on this page, a cool history experience for kids.
What did Columbus look like?
(Enjoy the morph movie and morph image of Columbus.)
Here, Columbus will show you how to navigate.
Charles Lindbergh Comic
Wright Brothers Comic
Robots in Space Comic
Dropping a feather and a hammer on the Moon Video
(Which falls fastest?)
Watch the moon lander become a star ship
See the Noah's Ark space ship
Watch an astronaut turn into a robot
See a golf shot on the Moon
What would sports on the Moon be like?
Build a bubble powered rocket.
Find any American astronaut.
Build a sundial.
How the lunar astronauts controlled their temperature
Visit the famous fictional space hero Tom Swift,
and his contemporary Tom Corbett, space cadet
Here are some neat kids' space books.
Here is a cool game called :
Falling into a Black Hole
with its game board.
Space Technology Coloring Book
What the Shuttle or Space Station looks like at night
(Notice the light object moving right to left in the lower portion of the animation.)

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