Product Technology Compared 1969 vs. 2010

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1969 Admiral Color TV #004394


Above: Television Ads 1969 and 2010



Since the first landing of men on the Moon, July 20th, 1969, many advancements in consumer products have come to pass. Certainly, media technology has been among the most to advance in the past forty years. But other items have likewise improved in utility and reliability with greater availability at much lower relative cost than when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon. An examination of popular products, then and now, makes a fascinating project.

The Assignment

Above and below are typical magazine advertisements from 1969 and 2010. After examining them, draft a one page narrative describing upgrades/advances/improvements in the state-of-the-product during the past two score years. Either select one product to compare or several products. Consider the relative 1969 costs compared to other products on the market presently (2010) in your discussion. Likewise, discuss the popularity of the item(s) then and now.

Clue as a Board Game now a Computer Game

Eight Track Player compared to the IPOD

Kodak Movie Cameras 1969 versus 2010

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