The Apollo 13 Rescue

Watch the youTube video by clicking here, and then answer the questions below.

Alternatively, click here and read the NASA comic book account of the rescue of Apollo 13, and then answer the following questions.


The Apollo 13 Quiz

The video and comic include the answers.


1. Which astronaut was not among the crew of Apollo 13?

Jim Lovell

Neil Armstrong

Jack Swigert

†††††††††† Fred Haise


2. Apollo 13's mother ship was for how many astronauts?






3. What was the name of the Flight Director when Apollo 13 exploded?

John Young

Chris Kraft

Gene Kranz

John Aaron


4. What did the Apollo 13 crew call out after the explosion?


"Houston, we've had a problem."

"Failure is not an option."

"Houston, we have a problem."


5. What did the United States Senate urge businesses and others to do?

Watch television to follow the rescue.

Call NASA with suggestions.

Pray for the astronauts.

Plan an Apollo 13 splashdown party for your neighborhood.


6. What wold have happened if the explosion had happened after the lunar landing?

Only the astronaut orbiting the Moon would have survived.

A rescue ship would have been sent from Earth.

All three Apollo 13 astronauts would have perished.

The Russians would have sent a rescue spaceship.


7. What on the Apollo 13 mission failed causing the emergency?

The second stage booster

The lunar lander

A Battery

An Oxygen Tank


8. Why did the astronauts try to close the hatch to the lunar lander?

They wanted to see if it worked properly.

They thought the lander had been punctured by a meteor.

They smelled a foul odor coming from the lander cabin.

It was a practical joke on Fred Haise, who was in the lander.


9. What do the three astronauts have to build in order to avoid being poisoned to death by the polluted air?

An improvised carbon dioxide scrubber

A machine to prevent anti-freeze leaks

A new oxygen tank

A latch on the spacecraft to prevent the pressure in the spacecraft's atmosphere from leaking out


10. What part of Apollo 13 was mainly responsible for the astronautís rescue?

The launch escape system

The command module heat shield

The lunar lander

The fuel cells


After reading the Apollo 13 comic book and/or watching the youTube cartoon video, consider the invoice below sent to the maker of the command ship which exploded by the manufacturer of the rescue ship.Answer the questions below.



1.      Why was a charge for towing included?



2.      Why was an amount for a battery charge included?



3.      Why was a charge for Oxygen included



4.      Why was a charge for an extra guest included?


For extra credit, listen to the song Apollo 13's Mighty Day by clicking here.. What were the flight controllers worried about with regard to the heat shield? The answer is addressed in the song's lyrics.

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