STS-5 (5)

Pad 39-A (17)
5th Shuttle mission
5th Flight OV-102


Vance D. Brand (2), Commander
Robert F. Overmyer (1), Pilot
Joseph P. Allen (1), Mission Specialist
William B. Lenoir (1), Mission Specialist


OPF - July 16, 1982
VAB - Sept 9, 1982
PAD - Sept 21, 1982



Mission Objectives:


November 11, 1982, 7:19:00am EST. Launch proceeded as scheduled with no delays. Launch Weight: 247,113 lbs.


Altitude: 184nm
Inclination: 28.5 degrees
Orbits: 81
Duration: Five days, two hours, 14 minutes 26 seconds.
Distance: 2,110,849 miles


SRB: BI-005
ET : 6/SWT-5
MLP: 1
SSME-1: SN-2007
SSME-2: SN-2006
SSME-3: SN-2005


November 16, 1982, 6:33:26 a.m. PST, Runway 22. Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Rollout distance: 9,553 feet. Rollout time 63 seconds. Orbiter returned to KSC Nov. 22, 1982. Landing Weight: 202,480 lbs.

Mission Highlights:

First Shuttle operational mission deployed two commercial communications satellites, ANIK C-3 for TELESAT Canada and SitS- C for Satellite Business Systems. Each equipped with Payload Assist Module-D (PAM-D) solid rocket motor, which fired about 45 minutes after deployment, placing each satellite into highly elliptical orbit. One Get Away Special and three Shuttle Student Involvement Program (SSIP) experiments conducted. First scheduled space walk in Shuttle program canceled due to malfunction of space suit.

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