Sentence Punctuation Exercise

Below is a narrative account whose sentences have had their punctuation removed, i.e., capitals and concluding periods are not present.  Comma punctuation within each sentence has not been removed.   The purpose of the exercise is to practice avoiding sentence fragments, run-on sentences and comma splices.  Your assignment is to capitalize words   initiating (beginning) sentences and insert periods concluding (ending) sentences.  If the story of Superman were told as a fairy tale, it would read something like this:

once upon a time, on a far away planet called Krypton, lived a family of three, a mother and father and a baby less than a year of age the planet Krypton was in danger of exploding the explosion would cause everyone on Krypton to die the father of the family of three was the greatest scientist and smartest man on the planet Krypton he was Superman's father all the people on Krypton except for Superman's father did not believe that the planet would explode, so they did nothing to try to save themselves earlier, an evil man from Krypton had conducted rocket tests which caused many people to die because of his evil use of science, all future rocket tests and launches were forbidden unfortunately, Superman's father knew rockets would be needed to save Krypton's people from the explosion of the planet as a result he had no choice but to secretly develop a rocket to save his family  when Krypton exploded, only Superman's rocket escaped because the rocket's power was limited, there was room only for baby Superman and his  mother even though Superman's father insisted she board the rocket Superman's mother choose to stay with her husband at the instant of Krypton's explosion, the rocket launched baby Superman into space on a journey to Earth the rocket landed on Earth and was found by a good couple named the Kents they became Superman's adopted Earth parents they soon discovered that the baby they found in the rocket had super powers of strength, intelligence, and vision the planet Krypton's environment required all of its people to have much more strength, smarter minds, and keener eyesight than Earth's people Super Baby grew to be Superman his Earth name was Clark Kent only his parents knew of his super powers superman only used his powers for doing good  he chose to keep them secret and did not take of advantage of them to profit or draw attention to himself not only did he have a super body but also he had unseen gifts of kindness, mercy, justice, and encouragement of others in all ways, he was a super person, not only physically but also socially and morally because his parents sacrificed their lives for their baby son, all people on Earth benefited from their gift to the world as the story ends, all on Earth lived happily ever after  (For extra credit identify paragraphs.  There are as many as six.)