Barnyard Space Shuttle


 Primitive Airplane Descriptive Paragraph


Examine the photos below of a primitive airplane model. Using a zoom viewer on the toolbar enlarge the image to assess what everyday items substitute for aircraft/shuttle  parts. Now describe the adaptation of the plane’s modeler in a descriptive double-spaced page long paragraph. (Example: The propulsion/propeller is a farm windmill.)




Below are listed the parts of a space shuttle.  Enter in the blanks those items which replicate the NASA shuttle.


1.      Orientation Handcontroller                       ___________________________


2.      Shuttle high temperature nose cap            ___________________________


3.      Cockpit Astronaut Couch             ___________________________


4.      Shuttle Vertical Stabilizer                         ___________________________


5.      Shuttle Propulsion System                        ___________________________

6.      Shuttle Navigation Computer                   _____________________________


7.      Payload Bay for Cargo                             _____________________________




The NASA Space Shuttle

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