Dick Tracy Watch and the iPhone



dick_tracy.jpgHigh tech supersleuth Dick Tracy turns 75


The comic strip character Dick Tracy, a police detective, first appeared in 1931.  His distinctive features included a yellow hat, a trench coat, and, of course, most noteworthy was his wrist watch.   It functioned as a video/telephone communicator.

In recent years, technology has made the Dick Tracy watch feasible.  Based on the following description of an I-Phone write a one page account of how the Dick Tracy watch compares to the I-Phone, likenesses and differences.


Description: iPhone

 The Apple iPhone provides its user with the ultimate mobile device which include high quality features and stunning design concept. The iPhone is a mobile phone, a highly useable widescreen iPod with touch screen controls and a Internet communications device, all rolled into one portable device.  The casing is small and lightweight which measures 115mm x 61mm x 11.6mm and weighs 135 grams. The casing comes in a selection of popular colors which include a sleek black gloss look finish and a sophisticated glossy white color. The phone comes with a huge multi-touch color screen which acts as a brilliant display as well as the users input method which allows the user to control all the phone’s functions using the multi touch screen. The screen measures 3.5 Inches and provides a screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels on a brilliantly colored screen. The iPhone comes with a new Mac OS X based user interface which is based on the large multi touch color display. The phone comes with a fitted battery which provides the user approximately 5 hours of talk time.  The user will enjoy and quick and easy input method when typing messages as the iPhone will display a touch QWERTY keyboard on the 3.5 Inch screen which is a predictive keyboard and automatically corrects typing errors. The touch keyboard provides a user friendly input method and the Apple iPhone displays the typing above the keyboard which provides a real feel typing experience for the user. The beautiful Apple iPhone comes with a built in camera and video feature which allows the user to capture still photographic images and moving video footage easily with their portable device.

Above is a primitive adaptation of the Dick Tracy watch providing only the audio feature over  limited distance.

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