The Report Card Comprehension Questions

(Enter answers on the line to left of each question.)


            _______   1.  Jerry Woodfill was a felon.   

                                    (T)rue or (F)alse         


            _______   2.  The story is about  ________.

                                    a.  A high school report card

                        b.  A grade school report card

c. A driver’s license exam

d. An intermediate school report card                                                           

            _______   3.   Jerry’s grade  in ___ was awful.         

                                    a.  arithmetic

                                    b.  neatness

                                    c.  using his soft voice

                                    d.  completing his work


            ________  4.  The teacher liked how Jerry’s talked.

                                                (T)rue or (F)alse.


            ________  5.   Jerry’s evidence of following directions did not include.  ___.

                                    a. A marriage lasting 40 plus years.

                                    b. He graduated as an engineer.

                                    c. He had learned basketball plays.

                                    d. He had memorized the Lincoln

                                          Lions’ school song.


            ________   6. Jerry’s evidence of sharing did include.  ___.

                                    a. He’d shared his jelly-roll.

                                    b. He wasn’t a “ball-hog” on the team.

                                    c. He loaned a friend his Captain Video decoder ring.                     

                                    d. He took the blame for a friend’s yelping in class.


            ________  7.   What was Jerry’s punishment for talking in class? 

                                    a.  forced to read in the corner of the room   

                                    b.  writing I will not talk a thousand times on the blackboard                 

                                    c.   an vocal apology to the class        

                                    d.  a slashing/slap across the face


            ________  8.   To what did Jerry attribute his teacher’s dislike of him?

                                    a. She liked the girls better than the boys.                                                                             

                                    b. He was too loud and never still.

                                    c. He had body odor.                                                             

                                    d. She hadn’t had her morning coffee.


            _________ 9. What did not Jerry compare a blow to?

                                    a. an executioner’s guillotine                                                 

                                    b. Korean War torture

                                    c. a boxer’s knock-out punch

                       d.  being whipped by the Merciless Ming from the Flash Gordon matinee movie


            ________  10. How did Jerry think he might have won the teacher’s favor?

                                    a. being quiet in class

                                    b. applying the technique of smoozing

                                    c.  wishing her car on weekends

                                    d.  buying her a lavish gift


            _________ 11. Why did Jerry volunteer to be the announcer at the football game?

                                    a. He liked heights.

                                    b. He feared getting hurt playing.

                                    c. He wanted to impress the girls.

                                    d. He had a loud voice and everyone wanted him to volunteer.


            _________ 12. What does the acronym LVS mean?

                                    a. Liver Vine Strawberry

                                    b. Loser’s Vote Strong

                                    c. Loud Voice Syndrome

                                    d. Leslie Veronica Stringfellow


            _________ 13. Why did Jerry refuse to stand for the National Athem?

                                    a. He was unpatriotic.

                                    b. He had not memorized the words.

                                    c. He couldn’t place his hand over his heart.

                                    d. He was frightened he would fall.


            _________ 14. What was the skybox compard to?   

                                    a. Empire State Building

                                    b. Mount Everest

                                    c. Paul Anka

                                    d. the Astrodome


            _________ 15. What did not Jerry wear?

a.       letterman’s sweater

b.      white-buck-suede shoes

c.       corduroy slacks

d.      Chicago Cubs hat


            _________ 16.  Jerry made N’s in ______.   

a.       personal hygiene

b.      being still and attentive

c.       neatness

d.      finishing what he started


            _________  17. What was the “double-dogged” teacher’s note?

                                    a. “Jerry is an idiot’s  idiot!”

                                    b. “Jerry is a potential felon.”

                                    c.  …talked very, very much.”

                                   d.  Jerry is an angel’s angel.”


            _________  18. Jerry’s punishment was  not like…

                                    a.  being seated apart from the class

                                    b.  a race car crash at Indy

                                    c.  being “fried” in an electric chair   

                                    d.  a carnival’s test of strength


            _________  19.  Jerry makes his case by ______.     

                                    a. speaking to an imagined court

                                    b. listing only his achievements

                                    c. having friends vouch for him

                                    d. showing his teacher’s prejudice


            _________ 20. Jerry compares his punishment to

                                    a.  Cold War torture                           

                                    b.  tossing a yo-yo

                                    c.  a boxer’s knockout punch

                                    d. being crushed by an earthquake




The Report Card Vocabulary List


          Word                    Synonym


1.     felon                     criminal                         

2.     tantamount           of equal value

3.     expunge                delete, remove

4.  litigation               a legal court contest

5.     erudite                  learned, informed

6.     acumen                 discernment

7.     pugilistic              combative            

8.     philanthropic       benevolent

9.     inappropriate       unsuitable  

10.                         pedagogue           instructor, teacher         

11.                         persona               character, role

12.                         genetic                 inherited, hereditary

13.                         pathos                 sympathetic pity

14.                         syndrome            condition, disorder

15. articulate             eloquent, fluent, lucid

16.                         cogent                  forceful, credible

17.                         beneficient           helpful

18.                         carnage                gore, butchery

19.                         sadistic                cruel, brutal, ruthless

20.                         ecclesiastical        churchly, religious