The Brantwoodian Villain

Comprehension Questions



(Enter answers on the line to left of each question.)


            _______   1.  Jerry’s tone compares his friend Lance to:      

a.       a future Eagle Scout

b.      a fellow Sunday School classmate

c.       a brilliant student

d.      a future felon


            _______   2.   Jerry’s inference about Lance’s mother’s explanation of finding the gun is?

:                                   a.  Lance was truthful

                        b.  Lance’s mother was untruthful

c.  the explanation was laughable

d.  the package was a gift                                                                  

            _______   3.   Jerry was suspicious of Lance because:

                                    a.  Lance had wicked friends

                                    b.  he beat Jerry up

                                    c.  he stole fruit

                                    d.  he was related to John Dillinger


            ________  4.  Lance led  Jerry into  crime?                                       

                                     (T)rue or (F)alse.


            ________  5.  Jerry made trips to Hammond:

                                    a. on his bike

                                    b. mostly walking

                                    c. taking the bus

                                    d. hitch hiking with steelworkers


            ________   6. Why did the steelworkers stop?

                                    a.  to give Jerry a free ride     

                                    b.  to clean their windshield

                                    c.  to pick up a friend

                                    d.  to catch Jerry and punish him


            ________  7.   What did Lance tell Jerry about playing with his friend’s toys?

                                    a. “No one will find out.”

                                    b. “His friend would wish them to.”

                                    c.  His parents wanted them to.”

                                    d.  They’d let their friend play with their toys when they were on vacation.”


            ________  8.  What did Jerry think about Lance’s sister?

                                    a. He didn’t want her as a sitter..

                                   b. She was a future deaconess.

                                    c.  She looked like a movie star.

                                    d.  None of the above.


            _________ 9. Why did Jerry pout about Josette Lance’s sister, baby-sitting him?

                                    a. he  disliked her very much

                                    b. she might invite Lance over

                                    c. he used reverse psychology

                        d. she said  Hollywood movies were evil


            ________  10.What did Jerry attribute the  foundry workers’ anger to?

                                    a. their dislike of Brantwoodians

                                    b. the  terrible winter roads

                                    c. the improbability of three iceballs  

                                    d. drinking  too much coffee


            _________ 11. Why didn’t Lance lead Jerry into a life of a juvenile delinquent?   

                                    a. Lance was incarcerated in prison

                                    b. Lance’s father was transferred

                                    c. the steelworkers frightened him

                                    d. he became a Cub Scout


            _________ 12. How did Lance escape the steel workers?

                                    a. He ran into the Wicker Park forest

                                    b. He told them it was Jerry who did it.

                                    c. He used a barbeque propane bottle.

                                    d. He jumped a neighboring fence.


            _________ 13. What did not describe Lance’s sister?

                                    a. a magazine pinup girl

                                    b. a movie starlet

                                    c. a beautiful magazine cover model

                                    d. an aspiring deaconess


            _________ 14. What did “Light-Fingers” mean?.    

a.       Lance had extreme dexterity.

b.      Lance played the piano artfully.

c.       Lance was very skinny.

d.      Lance was skilled at stealing fruit.


            _________ 15. Jerry’s attitude about Lance was?

                                    a  He was extremely evil.

                                    b. He was just like Jerry.        

                                    c. His regrettable ways were harmless

                                    d. Jerry  liked Lance because of his sister


            _________ 16.What was meant by “a crook returns to the scene of his crime?”

                                    a. Martin Cane Private Eye’s motto

                                    b. Jerry returned to his place of crime

                                    c. It was a popular movie of the 1950s

                                    d. Lance was a crook


            _________  17. Why did Jerry hide his cards?

                                    a. He didn’t want to tempt Lance.

                                    b. He was sure Lance would steal them.

                                    c. Some of them had been Lance’s.

                                   d. Lance didn’t care for baseball cards.


            _________  18.John Dillinger was a ______?           

                                    a. prison warden                     

                                    b. famed bank robber

                                    c. former Indiana governor

                                    d. movie star of the 1950s


            _________ 19.  How did Lance know his friend’s  toys would be accessible?                                

                                    a.  His friend told him to sneak in.

                                    b. He heard his friend mention leaving.

                                    c.  From his  room across the street, Lance watched his friend leave on a vacation.

                                    d. His  friend left him a note.


            _________ 20.  When Jerry used the terms “riffraff”,  his tone was_____.

a.       aloft, haughty, and prejudiced

b.      benevolent

c.       understanding

d.      supportive of others



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Brantwoodian Villain Vocabulary List


            Word                           Synonym


1.   postured                      posed                          

2.  colleague                      associate, partner

  1. deaconess                    female church worker
  2. prodigious                   impressive
  3. tutelage                       training
  4. manifest                      make known, reveal

7.  detriment                      damage

8.   topology                      surface character

  1. recollection                  recall, remembrance   

10. perpetuated                 extended, continued  

11.  modus operandi         habit, way of acting

  1.  aberration                   flaw, error
  2. triad                             threesome                   
  3. shrapnel                       explosive fragments
  4.  abyss                          bottomless pit
  5. scrutiny                       study, examination
  6. vigilantes                     lawless avengers
  7. prosecute                     legally charge, try
  8. caper                            escapade, historic event

20. riffraff                         commoners, undesirables