What Dad Never Taught Me Comprehension Questions

(Enter answers on the line to left of each question.)


            _______   1.  Jerry’s dad taught him how to:

a.       play tennis

b.      ride a horse

c.       swim

d.      memorize a poem


            _______   2.   Jerry was like his dad regarding teaching his sons.

                                    (T)rue or (F)alse.


            _______   3.   Jerry’s hobby of  memorizing  ___.

                                    a.  profited him richly money wise

                                    b.  led to a career as a Thespian

                                    c.  made him a Rubik’s Cube master

                                    d.  won him a scholarship


            ________  4.  Jerry heard  President Truman give a speech. 

                                    (T)rue or (F)alse.


            ________  5.   His Sunday school student cried because _______.

                                    a.  Jerry threw a water balloon at her.

                                    b. She lost a race to list Bible books.

                                    c.  She was frightened by Goliath.

                                    d.  Her parents were angry with Jerry. 


            ________   6. How did Jerry learn JFK’s speech?

                                    a. listening to it on his Walkman

                                    b. by taking a memorization class

                                    c. associating pictures with the words

                                    d. reciting it during his morning walk


            ________  7. Why did Jerry receive praying hands?

                                    a. He was a devout catechumen.

                                    b.He memorized the lessons best.

                                    c.His dad was the pastor.

                                    d.He was Gideon in a church play.


            ________  8. Why did Jerry choose JFK’s speech?

                                    a. His parents were Democrats.

              b. JFK and Jerry looked alike.

               c. JFK’s speech inspired him.

              d. Jackie Kennedy was attractive.


            _______9.Jerry tried to look like JFK by _____                               

                                    a.  using facial “make-up”

                                    b.  using life-sized JFK poster

                                     c.  wearing a latex mask

                        d.   having “plastic surgery”


            ________  10.How did Jerry copy JFK’s tie?

                                    a. buying one at a used clothes store

                                    b. paying nearly $50 for a designer tie

                                    c. printing one on his HP color printer

                                    d. having his wife sew one


            _________ 11. How did Jerry copy JFK’s hair style

                                    a.  buying an Elvis wig

                                    b. using Miracle Grow for hair

                                    c.  combing his dyed hair  over his bald spot

                                    d.  having hair follicle implants


            _________ 12. How did he use the President’s  Seal?

a.       by getting White House permission

b.      by using the Great Seal instead

c.       using the Kennedy Coat of Arms

d.      cleverly changing one letter



            _________13. What was good about not wearing glasses?

                                    a. He had to memorize the talk.

                                    b. He  looked better without them.

                                    c. He had a character flaw about  looking people in the eye.

                                    d. JFK wore contacts. 


            _________ 14.How much did Jerry spend?  

                                    a. one hundred dollars.

                                    b. one hundred fifteen dollars

                                    c.  nothing, he used discarded props and clothes

                                    d. NASA paid for everything


            _________ 15. Jerry presented the talk  ____?

a.       at Rice Stadium

b.      behind the actual podium JFK used at Rice Stadium

c.       at the Moody Gardens IMAX theater

d.      beside a four story tall image of JFK on the Space Center Houston IMAX screen        


            _________ 16.  The audience came forward for        ___?                           

                                    a.  free ice-cream coupons offered to those who would stay for Jerry’s JFK talk

                                    b.  two-for-one coupon for dinner in the NASA cafeteria

                                    c. complimentary tickets to the Hollywood movie SPACE COWBOYS     

                                    d. well-wishes and autographs of the JFK mimic


            _________  17.  What quote was in the speech?

a.       “Ask not what your country will do for you, but…”

            b.“…tear down this wall…”

            c. “We do this thing not because it is easy but because it is hard.”

            d. “Why does Rice play A&M?”


            _________  18. What was not among Jerry’s props?

a.       an American flag

b.      a plant stand podium

c.       a converted tree stand for the flag

d.      the presidential seal


            _________  19.  Why did Jerry discard the JFK mask?

a.       It would frighten young children.

b.      The lips didn’t move.

c.       It made an inappropriate sound.

d.      It look like Nixon, not JFK          


            _________ 20. What did the student think of Jerry’s talk?

a.       It was too long and uninspired.

b.      The astronaut was much better.

c.       His voice was too loud.

d.      Compared to JFK, Jerry was better looking. 



What Dad Never Taught Me Vocabulary List


            Word                           Synonym


adjunct                  auxiliary, assistant      


mentor                   wise counselor


valedictory                        bidding farewell


catechumen           one under instruction


neophyte               novice, beginner


Thespian                actor or actress


tunic                      an ancient gown garment


latent                     hidden, concealed


ecclesiastical          churchly


rhetoric                  oratory, usage of words


aghast                    filled with sudden horror


protégé                  disciple, follower, trainee


charismatic            attractive, appealing, winsome           


embark                  to engage, begin or start         


personification      essence, type, image


demeanor              conduct, behavior


replicate                 clone, duplicate


copious                  abundant, plentiful     


pompadour            uplifted from forehead hair style


decoupage             multilayer clear coating


immaculate            spotlessly clean, pure, unblemished


myopia                  near-sightedness of the eye


emasculation         weakening, depriving of strength      


desecrate               to profane



President John F. Kennedy

Rice Stadium September 12, 1962



Jerry Woodfill, A.K.A. JFK recreation

NASA Open Houses

August, 2001



Jerry Woodfill as JFK

before NASA Coop Corps