Edited and Authored by Betty and Jerry Woodfill
Developmental Educators' Handbook Flow Chart

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(Note: The Developmental Educators' Handbook (DEH) is adapted from a NASA Project conceived in 1989 called the Space Educators' Handbook (SEH). The editor of that work was Jerry Woodfill, a NASA employee. As such, the DEH would be deemed a NASA Spinoff as technology spawned by NASA space exploration - finding a useful secondary application in the public sector. The official designation for the SEH is OMB/NASA Report No. S677. Portions of the DEH are interactive with the SEH. The home page for the Space Educators' Handbook is opened by clicking here. Both the SEH and DEH are in the public domain.) Jerry and Betty Woodfill developed this program known as the DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK for educational use. Approval to use copyrighted materials which are not public domain has been obtained except for items which are deemed "Fair Use" by the copyright act of 1976. Content and materials included in this program do not reflect policy, research, or endorsement of the authors'/editors' employers. Please contact Mr. Woodfill if errors in data, spelling, or program operation are found.)


1. Developmental Reading/Writing Prompt Workshop
Prepare Provocative Prompts Using These Tools. (Click on the scroll picture.)

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words Prompt for Developmental Reading/Writing

2. Development Education Interest Magnets
Draw Student Interest to Developmental Reading and Writing Programs
Using These Proven Tools, Techniques and Strategies.
(Click on the magnet picture.)

A picture of a magnet for Reading/Writing

3.Developmental Educatorsí Handbook Public Domain Novel Library

Click here for direct link to digital bookshelves.

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public domain resources

Developmental Educatorsí Handbook Public Domain Novel Library

pictures of famous Americans featured in biosbook

Click here for reading resources featuring brief biographies of famous Americans.

4.Instructorsí Gobbledygook Eradicator Writing Textbook and Exercises

Picture of cover of book Gobbledygook Has Gotta Go

Click here for gobbledygook editing from student papers.

5. Matching Developmental Students with Optimum Novels

Click here to open the Novel Selection Questions for determining optimum match for student reading.
Click on the "bookshelf" icon below to open the selection library.

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question marks

6. Free Films of Classic Novels

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Public Domain Movies, A Developmental Educatorsí Writing Tool

7. Useful Free Developmental Reading/Writing Computer Programs

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(All the programs work with .txt files. Use Word to convert .htm, .pdf or .doc file to the .txt format.)

Bookshelf - Book Page Display Reader, Audio Reader, and Text Dictionary
Click here to install the Bookshelf and run this simulated computer book text reader. (Note: Works only with .txt files)
Subsequently, run BookShelf via the installed desktop icon or via the programs menu.
Click here to access the "Bookshelf" website.

Readbility Calculators
Click here to access the free windows readability calculator. (Note: Works with .doc and .txt files)
Click here to access the free Flesh readability calculator website.
Here is another online readability calculator which requires no downloading. Click here to access it.

TTSREADER - An Audio Reader Program
Click here to launch the audio reading program from the DVD. (Note: Works only with .txt files)
Click here for a free text to speech audio reading program website.

WORDWEB - A Dictionary/Thesaurus Program
Click here to install WORDWEB, a dictionary/thesaurus in your computer and run it..
Subsequently, run the program via the installed desktop ICON or via the Program Menu rather than from this webpage.
Click here for the "Wordweb" website for instructions on using WORDWEB.

8. Starship Features Thirty (31) Rhetoric Class Exercises and Lessons based on Space Exploration
(Click the picture below to go to the STARSHIP home page.)
These are excellent Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) lessons for gifted STEM students who are challenged rhetoric-wise.

Starship Content

9. Drug Free Reading for Kids Stories and Exercises (Click the picture below to go to the home page.)

Kids Drug Free Reading Content

10. Drug Free Reading Brantwoodian Stories, Exercises and Vocabulary (Click the cartoon.)

cartoon of teacher pulling a student's 
ear to encourage reading

11. 13 Technology Based Writing Lessons

Access an "Electronic Tri-Fold" of the lessons by clicking the image of the tri-fold below.

12. Relative Interest in DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK Content

For statistics summarizing online users' accessing of content areas click here.

13. For Reading/Writing lessons fashioned to hold students' attention during the holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas click here.


(Note: Jerry and Betty Woodfill, Houston, Texas, developed this program, known as the DEVELOPMENTAL EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK, for educational use. Approval to use copyrighted materials which are not public domain has been obtained except for items which are deemed "Fair Use" by the copyright act of 1976. Opinions and materials included in this program do not reflect their employers' policy, research, or endorsement in the past, present or future. Please contact the editors/authors if users find errors in data, grammar, spelling, or program operation)

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