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A few of the public domain pulps and pocket books included in the Drug Free Reading Library

Pulps and Pocket Books Library for Developmental Reading

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(Suggestion: Today's developmental students often work full time jobs as well as are involved with family responsibilities. Their available time is limited. The DEH saves time in offering a digital DVD as well as a web-based library. Language skills instructors need not dispatch students to school libraries for an "on your own" novel selection. Both the on-line website or the DVD library of the DEH offer an alternate approach. The authors reviewed hundreds of "on-line" public domain novels [ficition and non-fiction], pulps, treatises, and other works. These are categorized for student review. Rather than a journey to the library, a single mouse-click opens a book for cursory review. The technique gleans books in less time and more thoroughly than the library visit.)

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Pulps and Pocket Books Interest Categories

Here are some of the categories of public domain pulp and pocket book novels and stories. Click on the work's name for an .htm version or on the .pdf link for an Adobe Acrobat version. Also, there may be, in some cases, a .txt version for the text to audio reader and Bookshelf applications. (Note: Either click here or install the readability program "flesh.exe" by going to the flesh readability website to measure the difficulty of each novel.)

1. Science Fiction: The Ultimate Weapon , (.pdf) ; The Undersea Tube, (.pdf); The Stars My Brothers , (.pdf) ; The Next Logical Step , (.pdf) ; The Penal Cluster , (.pdf) ; The Rat Racket, (.pdf) ; Starman's Quest , (.pdf) ; ; Pandemic , (.pdf) ; The Door Through Space , (.pdf); The Toy Shop , (.pdf) ; The Day Time Stopped Moving , (.pdf) ; The Black Star Passes , (.pdf) ; The Citadel, (.pdf); Wanted Seven Fearless Engineers, (.pdf); Flight Through Tomorrow, (.pdf); Choice of Miracles, (.pdf); Triplanetary, (.pdf);

2. Adventure (Sea stories, mountain climbing, jungle settings):

3. Mystery:

4. Romance:

5. Fantasy/Science Fiction:

6. War Stories:

7. Horror:

8. Hollywood: (Movie, Star Bios)

9. Plays:

10. History:

11. Satire and Political: 12. Westerns:


14. Sports:

15. Coming of Age Novels:

16. Hobbies:



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