Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Shame

Comprehension Questions



Bill Haley and Comets : Vintage 1955

Chicago, Illinois

(Enter answers on the line to left of each question.)


            _______   1.  Jerry’s tone compares Bill Haley’s stage show to:       

                                 a.   a ballet performance

b.      a Cub Scout Pack meeting

c.       the Indy 500

d.      fan behavior  at a wrestling match


            _______   2.   Jerry’s inference about women’s behavior  at the perfomance  is?

                                    a.  like a PTA meeting

:                                   b.  being polite, subdued and appreciative

                        c.  like a scene in the  movie Little Women

d. like a lady wrestlers’ training class


            _______   3.  The women were impressed by?:         

                                    a.  the handsome Comets

                                    b.  the range of Bill Haley’s voice

                                    c.  the soft melodic musical selections

                                    d.  the Comets gyrations along with the drum beat, and repetitious raucous lyrics  


            ________  4.  Jerry was the only male to jump on stage.                              

                                    (T)rue or (F)alse.


            ________  5.  The train  trip to Chicago:

                                    a. was uneventful

                                    b. had a beer bottle break a window

                                    c. was fraught with vagrants

                                    d. ended in hitch-hiking


            ________   6.Why did Jerry want to hear Bill

                                    Haley and the Comets?

                                    a.  he liked astronomy

                                    b.  he wanted to see “Haley’s Comet”

                                    c.  he was running away hoping to be a rock star

                                    d. Rock Around the Clock was a hit


            ________  7.   What was the name of the movie featuring the Comets’ song?

                                    a.   “Rock of Ages”

                                    b.   “Rocket to the Moon”

                                    c.    “Jingle Bell Rock”

                                    d.  Blackboard Jungle”


            ________  8.  What was the year of Jerry’s trip?

                                    a.  when Jerry was in eighth grade

                                   b.  when Jerry was in first grade

                                    c.  Jerry’s senior year in high school

                                    d.  not mentioned in the story


            _________ 9. What instrument did Jerry play?

                                    a. the harmonica

                                    b. Hawaiian guitar

                                    c. Ukulele

                        d. trumpet


            ________  10. Why did Jerry not like that instrument?

                                    a. it was difficult to master

                                    b. his neighbor played it better

                                    c. it did not impress girls much          

                                    d. he didn’t like his music teacher


            _________ 11. Which was not a 50’s Rock song?    

                                    a. “Whole Lot a Shakin Goin’ On”

                                    b. “Tutti Fruiti All Rutti”

                                    c.  Hound Dog”

                                    d.  Fly Me to the Moon”


            _________ 12. Jerry learned the guitar from_____?

                                    a. corresponding with Bill Haley

                                    b. his neighbor, a guitar vituoso

                                    c. a comic-book guitar course

                                    d. a Mel Bay book


            _________ 13. Why couldn’t Jerry copy Elvis?

                                    a. he couldn’t memorize lyrics

                                    b. he couldn’t move like Elvix.

                                    c. he had a nasty hair colic

                                    d. he had no acoustic guitar


            _________ 14. What was the “HiFi” Bug?? 

a.       an incurable disease of the 50s

b.      an insect common to Brantwood

c.       pursuit of the best audio system

d.      fan of Rock ‘n Roll music


            _________ 15. What made Jerry popular?

                                    a  he looked like Buddy Holly

                                    b. his basketball skill  

                                    c. his Elvis-like hair                            

                                    d. he sounded like Bill Haley


            _________ 16. What did Jerry compare the trip to Chicago to?

                                    a. a journey to the Moon

                                    b. the movie Blackboard Jungle

                                    c. a family vacation

                                    d. the Indy 500


            _________  17. The women at the show did not ___?

                                    a. scream

                                    b. get excited

                                    c. sit demurely in their seats

                                   d. rush the stage


            _________  18.  Which of the performers was not a Rock ‘n Roll star?                                                       

                                    a.  Elvis

                                    b.  Roy Orbison

                                    c.  Buddy Holly

                                    d. Snooky Lanson


            _________  19. The Comets were  _____?   

                                    a. a rhythm and blues group               

                                    b. a stringed quartet

                                    c. folk singers

                                    d. pioneer rock ‘n rollers


            _________ 20.  Why was the movie named

                                                Blackboard Jungle?   

                                    a. it was a film about a jungle

                                    b. it was about rebellious students

                                    c. it was about a pirate

                                    d. it was about global warming          









Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Shame Vocabulary List


            Word                           Synonym


1. cadence                                     rhythm, tempo

2. adulation                       worship, adoration

3. deranged                       crazed, irrational

  1. confluence                   meeting, junction

5.  synergy                         cooperation

6.vibrato                            variation in pitch

7.  catalyst                         impetus, stimulation

8.   heirloom                      inherited keepsake

9.  tweeter                                     high frequency speaker          

10. woofer                         low frequency speaker           

11.  octave                         music range of notes

12.discordant                    off-key, tuneless

13.genre                            style, type, class                     

14. raucous                        hoarse, harsh

15.visceral                         deep seated, emotional

  1. clone                            copy, duplicate
  2. paraphernalia               belongings, apparatus
  3.  seminal                       formative, pioneering
  4.  guttural                       husty, deep, low
  5.  en masse                     bodily
  6.  colic                            hair twist





The March 20, 1955 Movie Posters Jerry must have seen  in the lobby of the Chicago Theater featuring the movie along with Bill Haley and the Comets