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Click on the desired category in the upper left frame such as "Current Astronauts." In the narrow frame listing the current astronauts, click on the desired astronaut. The biography appears in the large center frame. Clicking on the astronaut's thumbnail photo in the upper right of the frame opens a larger image/photo of the selected astronaut.


In 1989, a graphical digital database of astronaut biographies and photographs first appeared in a Macintosh HyperCard program known as the SPACE EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK. The original collection included all NASA's former, current, and deceased astronauts beginning with the original seven Mercury spacemen. The interactive program included hypertext links to HyperCard "stacks" (data files) of every manned NASA mission. Each mission listed the crew complement with "hot links" from each crew member's name to their respective astronaut file. Space Center Houston (adjacent to the Johnson Space Center) adapted the original Hypercard Astronaut data base to a kiosh format employing a hypercard-like application for Windows called TOOLBOOK. As an interactive kiosh, the program remains a popular and informative exhibit at SPACE CENTER HOUSTON.

The advent of the World Wide Web offered a much broader audience for the concept of interactive astronaut biographies and space missions arranged in a readily accessible digital format. The Kennedy Space Center web site and the Johnson Space Center Astronaut Office offer similar interactive architecture as the SPACE EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK. The format of astronaut web pages is retained in this program. However, many of the former astronauts are not presently included in the on-line version. They have been added in this program using the text files from the original astronaut hypercard file of the SPACE EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK.

On-Line detailed Astronaut Biographies were started with astronauts on active duty in 1995. Information on all former, and deceased astronauts is contained in a NASA information summary entitled ASTRONAUT FACT BOOK.

For those who prefer not to use frames, non-frames based web pages for the biographies will continue to be available from the main page.

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