The SPACE EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK INDEX PAGE contains links to educational resources contained within the website and media (CDROM). No links go beyond the contents of the media or website. The table below displays subject matter according to topic and educational interest group.

After each listing is a letter designating content usefulness. The designation (P1) is for grades K-3; (P2) grades 4-6; (I) grades 7-8; (H) grades 9-12; (U+) university academia, research, industrial and commercial interests. In some cases, more than one designation is assigned a topic. When the listing could be used by all groups, the designation (All) follows the topic. NOTE: Adobe Acrobat .pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat player Acroread. Install the free player by clicking here: Windows 95/98 or here Macintosh OS.

A   Aeronautics Educators' Guide [3000K .pdf file] (All)
Aerospace Dictionary(All)
Airplane Flight(H)(U+)
Airplane Flight for Kids(P1)(P2)(I)
Amateur Radio in Space [3000K .pdf file] (P1)
American Spacecraft, Shuttle, Stations, and Rockets (All) Apollo 13 Movie (I)(H)
NASA's Apollo 13 1970 Publication (EP-76) and as a .pdf document. (All)
Apollo Results [154K .pdf file] (All)
Art of Space Exploration (All)
Astronauts (All) Astronaut Fact Book (Johnson Space Center) [227K .pdf file] (All) Astronomy (I)(H)(U+)
Space Based Astronomy 2001 Edition [2200K .pdf file] (P2)(I)
Space Based Astronomy Teacher Guide Part 1 1994 Edition [339K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Space Based Astronomy Teacher Guide Part 2 1994 Edition [1000K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Space Based Astronomy Teacher Guide Part 3 1994 Edition [181K .pdf file] (P2)(I)
Astronomy: Meteorite Slides and Lessons [450K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Astronomy: NASA's Great Observatories in Space (model plans) [346K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Astronomy: Saturn Cassini Mission Facts [176K .pdf file] (All)
Astronomy: More Saturn Cassini Mission Facts [81K .pdf file] (All) Astronomy: Solar System Lithograph Set [3800K .pdf file] (All) Astronomy: Puzzle Kit of the Solar System [1000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)
B   Biology: The Brain in Space [3000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Biology: Jellyfish in Space [225K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Biology: Living in Space [169K .pdf file] (P1)
Biology: Microgravity effects on the human body - All Systems Go (Educational Brief) [180K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Books About Space (P1)(P2)(I)(H) Books About Space for Children (P1)(P2)
Books About Space for Teens (I)(H) Brief Basics of Spaceflight (with teacher class exercises and experiments [250K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Build a Bubble Powered Rocket [182K .pdf file] (P2)(I)
C   Calendar About Space (All) Careers in Aerospace[641K .pdf file] (All) Classic Books About Space(H)(U+)
Cloud Cover Pattern Fact Sheet [137K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I) Comics About Space (P1)(P2)(I)
Columbus and Spaceship America (I)(H)(U+)
Computer Technology (All)
D   Debates About Space (H)(U+) Discovery - Space Shuttle, Facts About (Educators' Brief) [68k .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Docking With the International Space Station (Educators' Brief) [107K .pdf file] (All)
E   Earth Science (All) Earth Science: Global Biosphere [126K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Earth Photograph from Apollo 17 with Discussion [118K .pdf] [All]
Earth Science: Global Sea Surface Temperature [95K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Earth Science: Water is a Force of Change Fact Sheet [179K .pdf file] (All) Endeavour: The Space Ship and the Sailing Ship : A Comparison - Then and Now [219K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)
F   First Flag on the Moon (Historic Discussion) (All) Food and Nutrition in Space [1720K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I) Space Food and Nutrition [204K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)
Future Studies and Space Exploration (H)(U+)    
G   Galileo and Gravity (All) Geography From Space [186K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H)
Game : Falling into a Black Hole [1000K .pdf file] with its board.[.pdf file] (P2)(I)
Geology of Planets [8000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)(U+)
757 Glider Kit [198K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Glider, Space Shuttle [156K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)
Glider, X1 Jet [476K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)
Goddard and His Rockets (H)(U+)
H-K   History in Space (H)(U+) Humanities in Space (H)(U+) Kennedy (JFK) Rice Stadium Space Speech (1961) (H)(U+)
Kids' Space Resouces Page (P1)(P2) Knowledge in General about Space (H)(U+)  
L   Laws About Space (H)(U+) Lunar Module Training Manual(Apollo)[2670k .pdf file](H)(U+) Lindbergh, Charles (P1)(P2)(I)  
M   Mars Mission by Humans (P1)(P2)(I) Destination Mars Educations' Activity [1080K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I) Mathematics in Space (H)(U+)
Mathematics (Angle Measure of Aircraft Wings)[121K .pdf file](I)(H)
Mathematics of Space (Liftoff to Learning Educational Brief) [208K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Microgravity (Liftoff to Learning Educational Brief) [270K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)  
Medicine and Health in Space (All) Exploring Meteorite Mysteries [7000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Microgravity Demonstrator [936K .pdf file] (P1)
Microgravity: Disturbing Experiments and Microgravity (includes execises and questions for students) [41K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Microgravity: Falling Water and Gravity [34K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Microgravity: Surface Tenstion and Microgravity [34K .pdf file] (P2)(I)
Microgravity Fall Into Mathematics[214K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Microgravity Mathematics [1000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Microgravity Teachers Guide [5000K .pdf file] (All)
Mission to Planet Earth [1000K .pdf file] (P1) Missions in Space History: Mercury Program, Gemini Program, Apollo Program,Shuttle Program (All) Modeling Space Rockets and Craft (I)(H)
Moonbase (I)(H) Mooncar : The Lunar Rover (I)(H) Exploring the Moon [8000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)
Movies in Space (All) Museum About Space (P1)(P2)(I)(H)  
N-O   Newton and His Laws (H)(U+) Newton in Space (Teacher Guide with Classroom Activities) [255K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Original Seven Astronauts (American) (All)
P   Pathfinder, Mars (Lithograph Set) [518K .pdf file] (All) Pathfinder, Mars (Poster) [473K .pdf file] (All) Philosophy and Space (H)(U+)
Physics (H)(U+) Plant Investigation in Space [2000K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H) Political Science and Space (I)(H)(U+)
Psychology and Space (I)(H)(U+) Passive Thermal Control (PTC) on Moon Missions (I)(H)(U+)  
Q   Quotes About Space (All)    
R   Robotics: Let's Talk Robotics [173K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Robotics in Space(All)
Robots in Space Comic Book(P1)(P2)(I)(H)
Rocket History [352K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H)
Rocket Principles [91K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H) Rocketry, Practical [183K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H) Russian Spacecraft, Shuttle, Stations, and Rockets(All)
S   Science Fiction and Space Technology (I)(H)(U+) Skylab's Reentry (P1)(P2)(I) Sociology and Space (I)(H)(U+)
Spacelab Teacher Resources [199K .pdf file] (P2)(I) Space Shuttle Handbook (H)(U+)
Space Act : Legislative Origins[8309K .pdf file](H)(I+)
Space Station (International) (All)
International Space Station Assembly - ISS: A Construction Site. (IS-1997-06-ISS013JSC) [134K .pdf file] (All) International Space Station Early Assembly (IS-1997-06-ISS013) [384K .pdf file] (All) International Space Station Lithograph of the completed assembly. [442K .pdf file] (All)
International Space Station Benefits. [442K .pdf file] (All) International Space Station Color Picture (with teacher exercises). [275K .pdf file] (I)(H) International Space Station Research [132K .pdf file] (All)
International Space Station Fact Book. [593K .pdf file] (All) International Space Station Familiarization and Training Manual. (Manual for ISS Astronauts) [6000K .pdf file] (All) International Space Station Overview (IS-1999-06-ISS022) [384K .pdf file] (All)
International Space Station : Water Purification. [39K .pdf file] (P1)(P2) International Space Station Solar Arrays. [80K .pdf file] (P1)(P2) Space Stations, Russian. [141K .pdf file] (All)
Spacesuit (P1)(P2)(I)(H)
Spacewalking, a History [3503K .pdf file](P1)(P2)(I)(H)
The Best of Spinoff (All) Spinoff 1995 and a colorful SPINOFF POSTER(All)
Spinoff 1998[5013K .pdf file], Spinoff 1999[4001K .pdf file], Spinoff 2000[8001K .pdf file], Spinoff 2001[15001K .pdf file], Spinoff 2002[2656K .pdf file] (NASA Technology in the Private Sector (All) Sports on the Moon (P1)(P2)(I)(H) Stamp Collecting Space (P1)(P2)(I)
Suited For Spacewalking [6000K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H) Sundial Construction Project [40K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)] Superstars of: Modern Aeronautics[703K .pdf file] and Spaceflight. [2170K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H)]
T   Tethered Satellites [169K .pdf file] (H) Tutorial by Jet Propulsion Laboratories - Basics of Spaceflight Learners' Workbook (lesson plans and exercises included) [1170K .pdf file] (I)(H)(U+)  
Tom Swift Space Books (P1)(P2)(I) Toys in Space (P1)(P2)(I) Toys in Space Experiments [1170K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H)
U   UFOs, Air Force Investigation of Rosewell, New Mexico UFO Sightings [1820K .pdf file] (I)(H)(U+) Uranus  
V   Verne, Jules and His Works About Space (All) Viking Orbiter Mosaic of Mars [100K .pdf file] (I)(H)(U+) Von Braun, Wernher(I)(H)
W-Z   Wright Brothers (P1)(P2)(I) Build a Model of the 1903 Wright Brothers' Plane[1020K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H) X-38 Crew Return Vehicle Educational Brief [37K .pdf file] (P2)(I)