The Space Educators' Handbook

It has been said of Jules Verne that..."No teacher that ever lived surpassed Jules Verne in the fundamental pedagogic art of instructing by entertaining." By his own words, Verne said his purpose was..."to spread a knowledge...among the young in as interesting a dress as I could compass." To this end the following Jules Verne space educational resources are offered.

Jules Verne Space Educators' Handbook Resources

Compare the design of Jules Verne's concept of a moonship (1865) with the type of spacecraft the United States sent to the moon in 1969 by viewing this morph movie. (1156K)

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What is a "Jules Verne Launch System" for sending objects into space?
Click here and scroll down to the answer.

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Click here for a discussion of the feasibility of Verne's space transportation system.

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Click here for an assortment of space museum Jules Verne space archives.

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Click here for a picture of a Lego(r) model of Jules Verne's lunar ship, the Columbiad.

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The Platt & Munk, Publishers featured an edition of Jules Verne's works which included 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA and AROUND THE MOON. The cover foreword by Isaac Asimov included these words: "...related to today's world of scientific wonder is AROUND THE MOON, Verne's narrative of a trip into outer space, when space travel by rocket seemed a fantastic dream...most of the fantastic events Verne prophesied have come to pass. Yet his pioneering visions of travel to the most mysterious regions of our universe remain breathlesly suspenseful and exciting fare for young readers."

Click here to see an enlarged version of the back cover of the Platt & Munk 1965 Edition of AROUND THE MOON." (Coyright 1965. The Platt & Munk Co., Inc., New York, N.Y. 10010.)