The Ledger

Comprehension Questions


(Enter answers on the line to left of each question.)


            _______   1.  Jerry’s likens the trip to?          

a.       Voyage to the Moon

b.      Columbus’ voyage

c.       A Startrek Movie

d.      Around the World in 80 Days


            _______   2.   Jerry’s inference about his father is?

:                                   a.  he was too thrifty

                        b.  he didn’t watch his spending

c.  he liked expensive dining

d.  none of the above 


            _______   3.   Jerry ruined his steak by:        

                                    a.  cutting it improperly

                                    b.  using too much A-1 sauce

                                    c.  ordering it well-done

                                    d.  none of the above


            ________  4.  Jerry liked knotty pine.                                                          

                                    (T)rue or (F)alse.


            ________  5.  The car cooler helped make the

                                     trip comfortable.

                                    (T)rue or (F)alse.


            ________   6. Jerry inferred.

                                    a.  his mom was in charge      

                                    b.  his dad was in charge

                                    c.  he was in charge

                                    d.  none of the above


            ________  7.   What did his Mom say about his


                                    a. “Tasty and wonderful.”

                                    b. “Send the d???? thing back.”

                                    c.  It’s Jerry’s fault.”

                                    d.  Order hamburger next time.”


            ________  8.   His dad’s budget was….?

                                    a. under run

                                   b. overrun

                                    c.  lavish

                                    d.  none of the above


            _________ 9. What helped keep within budget?

                                    a. Billboards

                                    b. Mobile Travel Guide

                                    c. Advice from other tourists

                        d. Picking primitive motels


            ________  10. What did the car-cooler look like?

                                    a. a block of ice

                                    b. an aircraft jet engine

                                    c. an electric fan                          

                                    d. a vacuum cleaner


            _________ 11. What was the first entry in the  ledger?

                                    a. miles driven the first day

                                    b. a meal at White Castle

                                    c. Jerry’s clip-on sun glasses

                                    d. A Buddy Holly record


            _________ 12. How was the air-cooler discovered?

                                    a. an ad on TV

                                    b. a service station rented it

                                    c. a neighbor recommended it

                                    d. a comic book ad


            _________ 13. What did Jerry NOT compare the "drenching" to?

                                    a. Admiral Perry's quote about torpedoes

                                    b. Pickett's charge in the Civil War

                                    c. Columbus's hurricane .

                                    d. A serene evening breeze .


            _________ 14.Who designed the car cooler?

a.       Rube Goldberg

b.      a rocket scientist

c.       an aerospace engineer

d.      not said in the story


            _________ 15. What happened when Jerry pulled the air-cooler’s cord?

                                    a.  its motor failed to start

                                    b. his mother told him to forget it      

                                    c. he was soaked with water

                                    d. the air-cooler went airborne


            _________ 16.What happened to the car cooler?”

                                    a. trashed at a roadside rest stop

                                    b. sent back to the manufacturer

                                    c. tossed into the trunk

                                    d. dropped off of Pike’s Peak


            _________  17. What was the daily budget?

                                    a. about $40

                                    b. doesn’t say

                                    c. $400

                                   d. varied based on overall budget


            _________  18.  Why was the budget so low?

a.       things cost less 50 years ago

b.      Jerry’s dad was cheap

c.       the family was poor

d.      all of the above    


            _________  19. Why did they choose the $5 motel?

                                    a. to keep the day’s budget                

                                    b. its western appearance

                                    c. they ran out of gas there

                                    d. no other motel was nearby


            _________ 20.  What was not true about the $5 motel?       

                                    a. the towels smelled musty

                                    b. the place was full of knotty pine

                                    c. it had a single double bed

                                    d. Gene Autry once slept there




Suggestive of Dad’s $5 Motel




 The Ledger Vocabulary List


            Word                           Synonym


1.   consumables                food stuffs                 

2.  skirmish                        fight, battle

3.  precipitate                    cause

4.  pyrotechnics                 fireworks

5.  attrition                                    wearing away

6. artifacts                         objects

7.  judiciously                    wisely

8.   sinew                           tendon

  1. depravity                     coarseness      
  2.  crux                            puzzling problem